The art and science of dentistry never stands still. In just the past decade, there have been giant leaps forward with clear aligners to correct smiles and align bites, digital x-rays and impressions, minimally invasive ways to treat oral issues and much more.

To take advantage of these advances, you need a dental practice committed to staying in step with the latest and greatest technology to ensure your smile is going to look better and your preventative, cosmetic and restorative services will last longer.

At the same time, you want a dentist who will take the time to really listen and devise a treatment plan backed by friendly, compassionate, insightful and skilled guidance. And if that practice happens to be located right near the train station in downtown Bartlett and accepts most dental insurance plans—well, so much the better.

At Bartlett Dental Care, we provide modern dental treatments and procedures along with an old-fashioned commitment to you—our patient. Knowing that we’re here, right in your neighborhood, is certainly something to smile about.